1. The Hostel is available to school children, students, teachers, wardens and members of Polish Association of Youth Hostels.
  2. If there are free rooms, other guests can also be accommodated if they agree to abide the regulations and cover the set price.
  3. A day in a hostel starts from 5pm until 10am the next day.

  4. Due to weather conditions staying in Zakopane facility between 10am and 5pm is allowed after consultation with object manager.
  5. Between 10am and 5pm conservatory works can occur in hostel building
  6. If possible, tourists can be admitted into the hostel for a fixed payment also for day stay when consulted and approved by the Hostels director.
  7. New persons are admitted between 17.00 and 21.00.
  8. The building is being closed at 11pm. If previously consulted with the reception personnel tourists can be admitted after 11pm but are obliged to keep silence.
  9. The dead hours are obligatory from 10pm until 6am
  10. Luggage room is available for groups and individual tourists from 6am to 10pm.
  11. Fees are charged for accommodation on arrival, according to prices set by the authority.
  12. The hostel may be used for no longer than three nights unless there are free rooms and the manager agrees to a longer stay.
  13. The keys to the rooms are issued only to group guardians or individuals after leaving the proof of identity on the receptions. Residents are required to leave the key on the reception each time they leave the premises.
  14. The group manager and wardens are responsible for safety and behavior of the tour participants and as such are obliged to stay overnight with the group.
  15. Residents are required to use the hostel bedding.
  16. Individual tourists and tour groups are required to maintain cleanliness and order throughout the hostel. Kitchens and dining rooms should be cleaned up after preparing and eating meals (to collect leftover food, wash dishes, and wipe tables).
  17. You may prepare meals only in the kitchen and eat it in the dining rooms.
  18. Storage of food, eating in the bedrooms and use of the heaters is prohibited.
  19. Drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco or use of drugs in the hostel is prohibited.

  20. Groups or individual tourists are responsible for any damage to equipment and items owned by the. Fees should be paid for damage according to the rates set out in the reception or agreed with the director.
  21. The hostel is only responsible for valuables and money put into a deposit.
  22. The Director has the right to report the inappropriate behavior of group participants to the appropriate entity (school, university, organization).
  23. Not respecting the Rules of Hostel or outrageous behavior of groups or individual tourists, can cause removal from the hostel without any refund for accommodation.
  24. All positive and negative comments can be noted in the Guest Book.
  25. Booking accommodations in Hostel is conducted according to the following principles:
  • group reservations are accepted in writing at least one month before the planned arrival, with priority for youth trips organized by schools and educational organs.
  • request must include the exact date of stay, number of participants, address and name of the organizer and the signature provided with a seal.
  • requester shall obtain booking confirmation (within 14 days) and fixed term of deposit payment of 25% of the stay cost.
  • order is valid upon deposit payment with postal order or bank transfer.
  • refund of advance payment may be made only in justified random cases, upon written cancellation of the contract not later than 30 (thirty) days before the planned stay.
  • in case of not receiving the deposit the request will be automatically cancelled.
  • orders are qualified according to the order of submission with priority for groups of young people, teachers and the number of beds.
  • individuals are checked in directly in the Hostel, or can make advanced reservation without advanced payment.
  1. In all matters not covered by the regulations, concerning matters of the Hostel, guests are required to follow the instructions of the reception and settlements of the facilities director.