Visit Youth Hostels Cracow and Zakopane regulationsOur Youth Hostel is listed in a directory of youth hostels in a global network established by Hostelling International.We are also affiliated with Polish Youth Hostel Association (PYHA).List of hostels affiliated with Polish Youth Hostel Association (PYHA)

Object 1: Youth Hostel Cracow – Grochowa



We offer complete set of accommodation to all travelers visiting Cracow. We especially invite large organized groups. Available at our guests’ disposal are:

  • 250 vacancies in 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8-bedded rooms,
  • 6 rooms with kitchen appendix and 2 bathrooms adapter for disabled,
  • 3 raised standard rooms, with bathroom,
  • 3-6 person appartment (high standard),
  • 3 computer stands with an Internet,
  • self-catering and fully-equipped kitchen,
  • showers and toilets, drying and ironing rooms,
  • common rooms with TV+VCR,
  • fitness room, and a pool table,
  • free Wi-Fi access,
  • pleasant and professional service.

Youth Hostel Grochowa is situated in Cracow at 21 Grochowa Street. The local public transit system provides the most convenient means of transportation from the vicinity of the Main Train Station:

  • Fast Tram Line 20 – from Basztowa Street . with Get off on the stop „Mały Płaszów”
  • Tram Line 11 from UJ campus

Object 2: Youth Hostel Cracow – Sokolska


We offer a comprehensive set of lodging accommodations and facilities in the Center of Cracow. About 1,5KM from the Main Marker Square and around 10 minute walk to Kazimierz (Jewish District)

Available at our guests’ disposal are:

  • 43 vacancies in renewed rooms:
    • 2,3,4,5 and 6 bedded rooms with sinks,
    • 2,3 and 4 bedded rooms with bathrooms,
  • showers and toilets,
  • self-catering and fully-equipped kitchen with fridge and microwave,
  • TV+VCR,
  • bike rental,
  • Wi-Fi,
  • pleasant and professional service.
  • Tram line 10, direction Łagiewniki
  • Tram line 19, direction Borek Fałęcki


Cracow is a magical place. It is well known to all tourists from all around the world for its world-class monuments and a unique atmosphere. And there is more to find out about this magnificent city. Whatever brings you to Cracow, we warmly invite you to stay at our YH. The surroundings of Cracow are as much interesting as the city itself. We have prepared for you a map with recommendations of worthwhile places.

Object 3:

Youth Hostel  Zakopane – Krzeptowki


We offer a comprehensive set of lodging accommodations and facilities in Zakopane. With beautiful view on Giewont Mountain in direct neighborhood of Holy Mother of Fatima Sanctuary

Available at our guests’ disposal are:

  • 35 vacancies in 1,2,3,4 and 6 bedded rooms,
  • 2 computer stands with an Internet,
  • Wi- Fi,
  • self-catering and fully-equipped kitchen,
  • showers and toilets,
  • recreation room with exercise equipment, and a pool table,
  • recreation equipment, mini soccer/football field, table tennis equipment,
  • covered garden grilling place,
  • laundry room,
  • pleasant and professional service.


Zakopane is an inhabited by 28 thousand people vivid town seated at the foot of the Tatra Mountains. These mountains offer a wonderful and diverse nature, virtually unchanged by civilization. They are recognized as a world heritage of nature and protected by the National Park. Natural, green border surrounding the city attracts many tourists every year.

Zakopane is a fantastic base for exciting mountain climbing, but also allows visit in many museums, theater, etc. A comprehensive tourist offer allows you to ride horses or do mountain biking. In winter, for skiers dozens of ski lifts available – from easy, to requiring considerable skills and allowing to test themselves , and in the summer hundreds of miles of trails – from walking, to leading through rocky mountain ridges. The Tatra Mountains are also unique and appreciated because of the folklore of Podhale highlanders. In August, the festival takes place here, during which culture of mountain tribes from all around the world is presented.

Zakopane for over a century has been a place frequently visited by prominent politicians and artists, who appreciate the unique atmosphere of this beautiful city, healthy air and sensational views. Zakopane remains fashionable, because only here you will find the coveted peace and quiet, while not denying the urban comfort.